Scotlands Larder

Scotlands Larder

Did you know that Scottish Larder ingredients can be used in non-food products like natural skincare products and soaps?

At Castle Apothecary Scotland, we take pride in using locally sourced Scottish ingredients in our natural skincare products to help dry and sensitive skin. Grown, milled and packaged in Scotland, we use Scottish porridge oats from Hamlyns of Scotland. This is a family business based in Banffshire and their oats are a crucial ingredient in our natural Scottish botanical skincare range for delicate, dry, and sensitive skin. Hamlyns has been producing oats for over a century, and we are delighted to support their business by sourcing our oats from them.

We also source our honey from independent beekeepers in various parts of Scotland, including Eaglesham, Strathaven, North and South Ayrshire, and Edinburgh. By using local honey, we can support small independent businesses in Scotland and guarantee that our products are made with the finest ingredients.

In addition to rolled oats and honey, we use Blackthorn sea salt as a natural thickener in our Gardener’s handwash scented with lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). This sea salt is collected from the pristine waters off the West coast of Scotland, and is rich in minerals and trace elements. By using Blackthorn sea salt in our handwash, we can create a product that is both effective and eco-friendly, made from natural oils and butters saponified using traditional soap-making methods.

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