Dried lavender heads in a clear glass bowl with a fresh sprig of lavender which accompanies article on the skin benefits of lavender

Discover the amazing skin benefits of lavender

Lavender is more than just a soothing scent - it has incredible skin benefits, too! For centuries, lavender has been used in skincare to nourish, protect, and heal the skin. Its healing properties were demonstrated famously by the founder of modern aromatherapy, Gattefossé. After an accident in his chemistry lab left him with burns, he applied lavender oil and was astonished to see his skin heal in just a few days.

Today, lavender is used in combination with other skin-loving ingredients to create products that can help you look and feel your best. Lavender’s calming aroma will help you relax and its natural healing properties will help your skin stay healthy and beautiful. So, why not try lavender today and discover its amazing skin benefits for yourself?

Here are some of the benefits lavender can provide for your skin:

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Lavender contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce the redness, irritation, and swelling associated with many skin conditions.
  2. Antimicrobial benefits: Lavender is a natural antimicrobial, meaning it can help protect the skin from infection-causing bacteria and other microorganisms.
  3. Lavender contains powerful antioxidants that can help protect the skin from free radical damage, which can cause wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of ageing.
  4. Soothing: The aroma of lavender can be calming and soothing, making it an ideal ingredient in products designed to soothe irritated, sensitive, or dry skin.

Overall, lavender can be a great addition to your skincare routine. It can help reduce improve some skin conditions, protect the skin from damage, and soothe and hydrate the skin. So, why not give lavender a try?

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